Whitefish Sports Physical Exam For kids

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Youth athletics include competitors under 18 years old. This includes activities that are individual and team-based, outside of school or within the school, and both competitive and non-competitive sports.

It is required in Whitefish for students to undergo the physical examination process before attending school.

Activities, like school sports programs and competitions, are a good way to help children socialize and make friends.

Why Sports Physicals Are Necessary

Sports physicals are done to determine if a student is healthy enough to participate in the sports programs so that there will be minimum possibilities of sports-related injuries and illness. The physical test helps to understand if there are any high-risk signs and symptoms that may affect your child’s ability to play.

The exam helps to determine a child’s “safe level of activity”.

Why Choose Whitefish Family Doctor Medicine?

We, at Whitefish Family Doctor, have a department caring staff members who conduct both medical history and physical exams for a complete sports physical treatment process. The medical history includes questions about serious illnesses among family members, previous hospitalizations and surgery details, past injuries, allergies, any specific medications that your child takes, the illness that your child has had in the past (including asthma, diabetes, and more).

There’s nothing more important than our good health – that’s our principal capital asset. – Arlen Specter

Physical Exam Process

During the physical examination process, we conduct several types of tests including height and weight recording, vision test, blood pressure, and pulse reading test, lung, throat, abdomen, ears, nose, and heart examination, to evaluate your posture, bones, joints, flexibility, and strength.

We help your child get recovered from any issues relating to sports.

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