Does Your Child Need a Physical for School

Does Your Child Need a Physical for School?

If you have enrolled your child especially for sports programs, you might have noticed that a sports physical was required before the child was allowed to participate in the sport. But it is not only in sports that children require a physical. Yes, your child needs a physical for school.

A physical is important because:

  • It assesses the medical history and the current condition of the child to ensure that they don’t have any medical problems that would interfere in their school life. Some conditions that could be brought into light are like asthma, poor vision or even heart problems
  • It helps to catch any signs and symptoms of health problems at an early stage so that the child gets the preemptive treatment they need
  • It also help you to be aware of any health concerns so that they take measures that protect your child
  • A physical is necessary to ensure the general health and wellbeing of your child

They are a necessary requirement for many schools that you might want to enroll your child.

Physicals can sometimes be time consuming and all but they are a good preventive measure. A physical examination will help you collaborate with the school in order to provide the best care for your child whether they have a health issue of not.


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