Heartburn In Children

heartburn in children

Medications for Heartburn for Children

Does your child have heartburn?  It is important to be educated about the different treatments that are available. There are several routes you can take, including diet changes, simple at home treatments, or medications from your family physician.

When it comes to the point where a medication is necessary it is important as a parent to know your options.

  • Antacids – including things like Rolaids or Tums. These types of medicine work by reducing the acidity and can alleviate things like constipation or loose stool in children.
  • Proton Pump Inhibitors – including Omeprazole, also known as Prilosec OTC, Prevacid, or Nexium. This type of medicine works by lowering the amount of acid in the stomach that is produced.
  • H-2 Receptor Blockers – including Famotidine, also known as Pepcid, Tagamet, or Zantac. This medicine like the proton pump inhibitors, work by reducing the child’s stomach acid, this way there is less acid to back up into the esophagus.
  • Mucosal Surface Barriers – Also referred to as foaming agents including Gaviscon. This option works as a barrier by foaming and lining the throat thus protecting it from the acidity.

Some of the options mentioned are available over-the-counter, and others must be prescribed.  To make an educated decision on the medications to treat your child’s acid reflux, speak with Dr Timothy Wolff in Whitefish, MT or one of our staff at Whitefish Family Doctor Medical Clinic, or your regular family doctor.

Natural Relief From Heartburn In Children

The source of heartburn in children is actually caused by the foods we eat and the lifestyle we live in. Eating right is a major factor in the prevention of heartburn altogether as children get older and grow. Eating healthy foods with less ingredients, such as choosing to eat organic foods from places like Whole Foods Market or farmers markets, eating whole foods from the produce section instead of canned or highly processed foods can greatly help.

Exercising regularly to the point of where your child gets their heartbeat up each day for just 15 minutes can have a good effect.  Make sure your child is active and playful at least once every day, inactivity can help lead to a series of health problems.

Have More Questions? Ask Dr Wolff. – Call (406) 334-2204 For An Appointment

We will examine your child carefully to decide whether your child is suffering from acid reflux, or GERD, and then go over the best treatment options for your child’s situation. We want your child to have relief from their pain, with the least amount of side effects possible. With our knowledge we can definitely help you get the results that you are looking for.

Call us and schedule an appointment today and we will help you make the best choice for your child’s needs.



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