What Causes Stomach Aches

What Causes Stomach Aches?


There are multiple types of stomach aches, with some being a little bit more serious than others but in most cases a visit to your family clinic and some over the counter medicine will clear it up.

Different types of stomach aches are –

    • Stomach ache with diarrhea
    • Stomach ache with bloating
    • Feeling sick with heart burn and bloating


Stomach Ache With Diarrhea

If you are having stomach cramps and diarrhea you are probably have a stomach bug (gastroenteritis). This means you have either a viral or a bacterial infection which you have got by coming in to contact with someone who already is infected or with contaminated food.


Stomach Ache With Bloating

Stomach cramps with bloating is mainly caused by trapped wind. This is very common and can be caused by the food we eat even including chewing gum.


Feeling Sick With Heart Burn And Bloating

If you have eaten recently and are feeling sick coupled with heart burn and feeling bloated then you probably have indigestion.


If you have any of these symptoms and you are concerned you should go to your local family clinic to see what may be required. Most of the time with some over the counter medicines these will be cleared up pretty quickly.




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