Child Earache Pain

What To Do For Earache Pain In Children

Your child’s health is important to us, as well as your piece of mind. Ear ache pain can be especially troublesome for infants and young children, because of their inability to describe their pain as well as the after effects of an ear infection left untreated.

There are several causes for ear ache pain, including

  • Tooth pain
  • Water trapped in the ear
  • A bacteria infection

It is important to know what is causing your child’s ear ache pain so that you can make an educated decision on how to care for them. With some of the causes it can be useful to know some pain relieving options that are safe and effective for children, with others, the best bet is to see your physician so that he/she can examine your child and help to guide you as a parent on the best treatment.

Treatment Options For Child Earache Pain

Temperature Therapy: Many people use a few drops of hot oil, a hot compress, or a hair dryer as a way to warm the ear canal to relieve the pain that is occurring. The AAP have concluded that using a few drops of warm olive oil is safe and can be moderately effective in relieving pain, in children especially.

Hair Dryer: The use of a hair dryer can be extremely helpful when the pain is being caused by water trapped in the ear canal. Simply set it to low and gently blow warm air into the ear.

Warm Compress: A warm compress is especially helpful if the ear ache is in a fussy, frigidity infant. A warm compress is simply a wash cloth heated with warm water and placed over the child’s ear. When using any of these methods it is very important to not burn your child, so be sure to use warm not hot options with any of these methods.

Over-The-Counter Pain Relievers (Analgesics): This can be helpful in controlling the pain of an ear ache for a small child or infant. They are easy to use and can be a life saver during the middle of the night when your baby awakens with a fever, tugging on their little ear.

Tylenol (Acetaminophen) or Advil (Ibuprofen): Two main types of pain relief recommended for children, and come with instructions, always remember to use the dose that refers to the child’s weight, not their age.

Antibiotics: When your child’s ear pain is being caused by an infection it is imperative that they visit their family care provider. Antibiotics are an option that must be prescribed by a physician, because they should only be used in the case of an actual infection which can only be diagnosed by examining the ear canal.

It is always important to see a physician for advice on which options are best for your child.  Please call and schedule an appointment to prevent long term effects of ear infections left untreated with us here at Whitefish Family Doctor.

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