Who Can Take A Child To A Family Doctor

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Who Can Take A Child To A Family Doctor?

No one has control over accidents and illnesses as they can place anytime and anywhere. Many people often get confused regarding what they should do in an emergency situation. Similarly there are people who forget to take precautionary measures way before an unfortunate event takes place.

If you are a working woman and your child is under the care and observation of someone else then it is very important for you to guide them regarding any step they should take in order to make sure that the child or baby is in safe hands.

Who can take a child to a family doctor in your absence?

It depends solely on the person who is taking care of your child. It’s important for you to know whether someone else has the right and authority to get your child checked in your absence.

Can a babysitter take my child to the doctor?

Your babysitter can take your child to the doctor but you should inform your doctor beforehand in order to avoid having a delay in case of an emergency. If your child needs to see the doctor at least twice a month for a vaccination or a routine check-up then it is better to hire a permanent babysitter that is fully aware of your child’s medical history. Avoid changing babysitters in between.

Can grandparents take child to a family doctor?

Grandparents are people that take responsibility of kids when their parents are away.  They are fully aware of what a child needs in the absence of their parents. However, parents often feel confused and they question whether grandparents can take a child to a family doctor or not. However, according to law the grandparents should be legally authorized in order to take care of the child whenever needed.

If the parents have given a consent then the grandparents can easily have access to all the previous medical record of the child which can help the doctor take timely decisions in serious matters like accidents.

Can non-custodial parent take child to a doctor?

A non-custodial parent can take a child to the doctor only if the legal right has been given to them. If a joint legal custody has been given to the non-custodial parent then they can easily participate in the important decision making processes that are related to the child. They can take important medical decisions and if the child is spending the day with them then they can take the child to a family doctor if it is the requirement of the situation they are in.

Can a step parent take a child to the doctor?

People who are remarried and their spouse have kids from their previous marriage cannot take their step child to the doctor unless and until they have legally adopted the child. If the child is not adopted then they have no right to take any medical decision for the child. However, in case the step parent has to make a medical decision then consent should be given by the real parent.

Can I take someone else’s kid to the ER?

If a child was under your care and there is an emergency situation that requires you to take the child to the ER then you can take the child but it is of no use as the doctors will not give any sort of medical treatment and medicines. The doctor will ask for parental consent before they give any sort of treatment to the child. The doctor might ask for an authorization letter along with the reason that why someone is giving you the authority to take the child to the ER on their behalf.

At what age do you stop seeing a pediatrician?

Many parents often wonder that at what age they should stop seeing the pediatrician and shift towards other doctors. The age is the most confusing factor that makes it impossible to determine their next course of action.

Most of the adult doctors start seeing the child when he reaches the age of 18. It is better to shift your child to an adult doctor when they reach the age of 18 or 19 years as now your child had outgrown the pediatrician and he no longer needs pediatric care. It is better to see the pediatrician till your child is smart enough to tackle different illnesses and diseases on his own.

The pediatrician is fully aware of a child’s medical history therefore they are in a better position to suggest the best treatment for your child.


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