Can Family Physicians Prescribe Antidepressants

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Can Family Physicians Prescribe Antidepressants?

Yes. When it has to do with depression, choosing a family physician for prescription is a perfect choice. For mild or severe cases of depression, you need someone who will be able to communicate with you in friendly manner; someone who will be close to assisting and helping you at the most critical times.

Depression can lead to people living miserable and sort of withdrawn lives. There are many symptoms, with insomnia being one of the most obvious.

When you or any family member is suffering from such a problem, your family physician would be there to prescribe the ideal antidepressant medications to help you manage the challenges.

Only just a few people in treatment for depression receive enough care.

Treatment For Depression Requires Regular Visits

Sufficient treatment for depression requires several hours or days on an antidepressant with regular visits to your doctor or sessions with a mental health professional.

Studies have shown that when a critical problem such as depression is at stake, reaching out to general medical physicians seem to be the first line of seeking care against disorders.

Family physicians are well trained, highly informed about depression and its challenges, and are equipped to provide treatment by prescribing the right medications – such as anti-anxiety drugs, among others.  Family physicians are well qualified to treat depression, just as mental health professionals are.

They can best effectively treat individuals with mild to moderate depression, and in very severe or intractable cases, they may refer patient to a psychiatrist or a psychologist.

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