Can Family Physicians Prescribe Birth Control

family physician birth control

Can Family Physicians Prescribe Birth Control in Whitefish?

There are many kinds of physicians that can prescribe birth control medications.

Birth control medications are being taken by women for a variety of reasons with the major reason being prevention of pregnancy. Reproductive health care experts provide these birth control medications; and women can as well get birth control from other physicians and specialists.

Below are some specialized doctors that can prescribe birth control for their patients:

Family Doctors – Yes, We Can

Your family physician can often provide multiple duties; offering you general medical care as well as your gynecological requests.

Even if your family physician does not carry out pelvic exams, he or she can still prescribe birth control as required on a regular or temporary basis. The doctor will also probably insist that you visit a gynecologist at some point in time for routine pelvic exam.

Gynecologists & Obstetricians

These set of specialists are doctors that fully specialize in pregnancy and reproductive health. These are the physicians that most generally prescribe birth control.

This is often prescribed in combination with pelvic exam, breast exam & Pap test.


These experts often prescribe birth control to young women in their teens since they have built up relationships with them. Such doctors have the capacity to prescribe birth control for a multiplicity of reasons – including health issues to contraception and acne. With pediatricians on the scene, teens tend to feel more comfortable talking to these experts about health matters.

In conclusion, and with regards to this content subject; YES, family medicine doctors have full medical rights to prescribe birth control! Your family physician will most likely ask you why you want to go on control measures, and then discuss the best options with you.

That’s very much medical routine for a family medicine doctor


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