Can Having Bad Teeth Affect Your Health?

importance of brushing teeth

Can Having Bad Teeth Affect Your Health?

Definitely, having bad teeth can actually be a factor in heart disease and diabetes. Not to mention the fact that later in life you will want to have your teeth and your smile.

There was a poll study once that asked many people in nursing homes what they would have done differently as they aged in life; taking care of their teeth and eyesight were actually some of the top topics on the list.

Bad teeth can be simply not brushing or flossing, or it can be due to impacted teeth that keep moving together as you age, causing abscesses in your gums that food gets stuck in, leading to a buildup of bacteria that causes tooth decay and can eventually seep into your bloodstream to contribute to or even cause heart disease and stroke.

Can a toothache affect other parts of your body?

Yes, a toothache left untreated can turn into an infection and cause you to be sick, spreading into your bloodstream, heart, neck and cause sinus issues.

A chart on dental health of children from the Government National Institute of Dental Care

is dental care for kids important

Brushing Is Cheap, The Dentist Is Expensive

A toothbrush can cost $1 or $100, depending on the type of brush you get. Many professional dentists though will tell you that it’s not all about how often you brush as much as how you brush your teeth. If you having bleeding gums when you brush at a light or medium level or floss, you probably are on the path to having gum disease, you need to see a dentist or local family doctor to get a checkup on your overall health.

See how to properly brush your teeth.

Different Kinds Of Toothbrushes

  • Vibrating
  • Rotating
  • Brush; soft, medium and strong

Nothing beats a vibrating toothbrush, like the Philips Oral Care toothbrush, the next best would be a rotating toothbrush. They don’t have to be expensive, a Philips vibration toothbrush can be over $100, however you can buy a similar toothbrush from a website like Ebay or Amazon unbranded for as little as $8 – $12 if you look around.

If you are using a normal brush, most dentists would say a soft brush simply due to the fact that a hard or medium brush runs the risk of getting brushed too hard and reducing the gum line around the tooth or slowly etching away at the enamel.


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