What Happens If My Gums Are Bleeding When Flossing?

gums are bleeding when flossing

What Happens If My Gums Are Bleeding When Flossing?

If your gums are bleeding while you are flossing, it is a sign that you may be developing gum disease, which can lead to decay and tooth loss, along with a risk of bad bacteria eventually getting into your bloodstream and causing you to be sick or even have heart disease.

It’s Real Easy To Stop Your Gums From Bleeding

It’s really easy to stop your gums from bleeding by brushing correctly and often enough. If you simply brush twice per day for a minimum of 30 seconds (dentist will recommend 2 minutes, but most people don’t have the patience for that), then you will be able to stop your gums from bleeding.

But, I brush my teeth all the time, why do my gums still bleed?

You need to floss as well, flossing is important as there are places the toothbrush cannot reach.  Keeping a little bag of floss picks in your purse or backpack is very helpful.  There ia an art to brushing your teeth that most people don’t know.  See how to brush your teeth properly.

How Long Does It Take For The Gums To Stop Bleeding?

Gums heal quickly but they don’t grow back. It can take as little as less than two weeks for your gums to stop bleeding and start to look pink and healthy again. You have to keep up the flossing and brushing at least twice a day. Rinsing with mouthwash is important as well, especially if you are a drinker or smoker.


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