Constipation Treatment & Remedies For Children

Constipation Treatment & Remedies For Children

I’m sure at one time or another your child is going to get a stomach ache, sometimes the culprit is constipation. But how can you tell if this is really the problem? What are the symptoms of constipation?

Child Constipation Symptoms

  • Painful and swollen abdomen
  • Bleeding and Difficult Bowel Movements
  • Accidental Bowel Movements

At times a child experiencing constipation may seem to be experiencing bouts of diarrhea. This is caused by a large amount of solid excrement has become lodged in the bowels, and waste which is liquid is being passed because it can move around the large mass. Constipation causes a child to go less often, and when they do manage to it is typically harder, smaller, and accompanied by sharp, uncomfortable pains.

Some Of The Causes

  • Dehydration caused by lack of drinking enough water
  • Not consuming enough fiber
  • Delaying bathroom time due to anxiety about it hurting when they use the toilet
  • Medication side effects

Potential Child Constipation Treatments

The three major suggestions that a doctor will typically make when dealing with constipation in children, and they work in conjunction. These are:

Increasing The AMount Of Fiber In Your Kids Diet

Increasing fiber intake. It can be difficult to get your child to eat all the greens that they need. It is important to make sure that they are receiving quite a high dose of fiber when trying to reset the bowels. If that means you have to buy spinach 5 days out of the week because it is the only thing they will eat, then for goodness sakes buy the spinach. Raw veggies, and fresh fruit are an amazing source of fiber, especially carrots. The insoluble fiber in them helps to push everything out of their little bodies. Other things that can be helpful are legumes, including chickpeas. So carrots and hummus can be the perfect pairing for a healthy afternoon snack.

Add A Stool Softener

Add a stool softener. This can help to really clear those bowels out. They are gentle enough to used on kids, and it is best to have the supervision and advice of your child’s doctor when choosing to use these. Often times parents mistakenly stop the softener too soon, or do not give a large enough dose to fully clean their little bodies out. Parents often think it is alright to stop after the first normal bowel movement occurs, but this can cause the child to start all over with the painful bathroom trips. Getting advice from your pediatrician will help to prevent this cycle from occurring, and promote first time resolution for your child.

Drinking More Water & Fluid

Additional fluid intake is encouraged. Doing both of the above suggestions is great, but without additional water they will be useless. Staying hydrated is important to flushing your child’s system completely, and without extra water, the symptoms could be worsened. Be sure that the water that is being consumed does not include sugar. Sugar can actually promote constipation, so sugary drinks no matter how much water is in them can increase constipation. Increasing your child’s water intake not only helps with constipation, but it also increases the health of your child’s body by reducing muscle cramping; administration of oxygen, immune cells, and nutrients; and preserving the structure of a cell.

If you use these tried and true methods to help reduce your child’s constipation, it can improve their situation immensely with amazing results. Providing your child with a nice bathroom experience so that they will feel comfortable and may squirm a little less when they say, “Mom, I need to go potty.”

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