Lower Left Abdominal Pain In Children

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Lower Left Abdominal Pain In Children

Having pain in the Abdomen is one of the most routine symptoms for a child to have. The causes are numerous. Having an examination by your child’s physician is important to determine the cause of the pain. Where the pain is coming from can help the doctor to diagnose the reason behind the issue.

Process of Abdominal Pain Diagnosis

Doctors have a way of separating the stomach into quarters. The individual quarters consist of an entire or a large portion of different organs in the abdomen. Using this knowledge during their examination a physician can determine which major body structure is in distress. There are different types of distress including medical, surgical, and muscular pain that can occur in the abdomen, because we aren’t just dealing with the organs here, but also the muscles which are protecting the abdominal wall our internal organs.

How The Identification Works

There are two quarters, the upper and the lower, on the left side of the abdomen which are referred to as quadrants. The spleen, pancreas, and a portion of the stomach are identifiable in the uppermost quadrant of the abdomen. There is also a section of both the small and large intestines which runs transversely or across this quarter. Pain can radiate around from the left flank into the upper left quadrant when the kidneys or adrenal gland, which are located there, are in distress.

Any type of illness that can directly distress the different organs in this quadrant can cause pain in said area. For instance, inflammation which occurs in the pancreas, referred to as pancreatitis, infections taking place in the kidneys, or kidney stones, also acid reflux, can all display symptoms of pain in the upper section of the left side of the abdomen.

The rectum and distal colon are located in the left, lower quarter of the abdomen. This area tends to present pain from conditions like IBS. Illnesses which are tied to the reproductive organs also are tied to this quadrant of the abdomen. Symptoms from an inguinal hernia or from ovary torsion are unmistakably noticeable in this area.

There is one cause of pain in the left quadrant of the abdomen that is typical especially in children. This is constipation. Constipation is most often tied to being low in dietary fiber and dehydration caused by not drinking enough water.

Get Enough Of The Right Food & Water

Parents should focus on keeping their child’s food intake balanced. Making sure to include enough raw veggies and fresh fruits in their kid’s diet, as well as promoting at least 64oz of water a day.

When To Seek Medical Attention

Pain on the left side of the abdomen can be the first sign of a serious issue occurring.

Quite frequently when experiencing conditions from IBS, Kidney Stones, or Pancreatitis, pain occurs in the abdomens left quadrants. Seeking attention from your family physician is important for the safety of your child’s health. If the pain occurs for an extended period and is in conjunction with blood in the urine or stool, or being unable to urinate or have a bowel movement please seek immediate medical attention.


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