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We All Eat! Event

Thursday, March 30th, 2017
3:00-7:00 pm
Sedgwick County Extension Office

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This first annual, free community event is designed to empower individuals to make healthy eating a doable part of their lives through education, hands-on application, access, and support.

This event will also serve as a healthy ‘foodraiser’ for the Montana Food Bank with a suggested donation for attendees to bring a jar of peanut butter.


  • 3:00 – 7:00 pm – 40+ educational booths in the exhibit hall
  • 3:00 – 7:00 pm – Mock Grocery Store tours, led by a K-State Research and Extension Nutrition Assistant located in the Bison Room.
  • 4:45 pm – Under Pressure? Let’s Make Sure It’s Dinner… Not You! Montana’ kitchen crusader, Chef Alli, shares how electric pressure cooking can quickly put tasty grains, legumes, soups, stews meats, and casseroles on the table. Demonstration located in the Sunflower Room.
  • 5:30 pm – Live, Learn, Earn, Play, Pray panel demonstration in the exhibit hall
  • 6:15 pm – Open-Face Cooking: Cast Iron Skillet Meals that Rock the House! Join Chef Alli for a fun demonstration of how cast iron cookware and fresh, flavorful ingredients can come together in one-pan meals your family will love. Demonstration located in the Sunflower Room.



  1. 8 to Your Ideal Weight – take a sugar quiz and sample foods low in sugar
  2. Beautiful Day Cafe – backyard wild edible samples, krout pounding, hippoodsie porridge and more
  3. Bike Walk Whitefish – displaying several methods of using bicycles to carry groceries and advocating for the use of bicycles as healthy transportation to run errands
  4. Children’s Mercy Hospital – interactive activity featuring fruits and vegetables
  5. DCF & KDHE – Chinese and Vietnamese healthy eating and food tastings
  6. Dillons – share opportunity to explore digital app, digital coupons, Clicklist, and Community Rewards
  7. Go! Healthy Montana Vending – healthy vending snacks and blind taste tests
  8. Healthy Green Nutrition – nutritious and easy to make snacks
  9. Hunter Health Clinic – dining out and how to make healthier choices
  10. Intuitive Cooking booth – “Chopped” theme education using food you have at home
  11. Montana Wheat Commission – demonstrating how to make healthy, homemade tortillas and how to turn them into family friendly snacks
  12. Montana Soybean Commission – Tips on incorporating soy into your diet with samples
  13. Montana Grain Sorghum Commission – Food grade sorghum producers, popped sorghum and recipe cards
  14. Kid Power Programs – Kid Power Cares, Inc. presents educational entertainment helping to give families the power to FEEL GREAT about real food and fitness
  15. K-State Pollution Prevention Institute – food recovery hierarchy and tips to reduce food waste
  16. K-State Research & Extension – the Price is Right game to discuss meals prepared at home vs. frozen or eating out
  17. K-State Research & Extension – demonstrate healthy foods to donate to the Montana Food Bank, cooking & nutrition classes for seniors
  18. K-State Research & Extension – healthy snack – veggie pizzas on crackers
  19. K-State Research & Extension – education from a nutrition assistant on portion sizes using a “Chicken Feed” snack
  20. Knife Skills and Safety
  21. Meal Planning booth – meal planning made easy and peanut butter and banana roll-ups
  22. Mental Health Association of South Central Montana – emotional eating and eating disorders
  23. Midwest Dairy Council– decoding the dairy case
  24. Morning Harvest Farm – discuss the benefits of pasture-raised meat
  25. Orie’s Farm Fresh – Awareness of local, healthy foods available within our community
  26. Premier Food Service
  27. Prairie Land Food – educational resources
  28. Profile by Sanford – food label reading, portion sizes, and general exercise tips
  29. Quality Care Services, Inc. – healthy snack made by children/parents, promote the family meal
  30. Sedgwick County Farm Bureau Agricultural Association – spin the wheel game to educate on GMO’s, antibiotics, and general agriculture questions
  31. Southwest Dairy Farmers – mobile dairy classroom educating on the health benefits of dairy
  32. Sunflower Health Plan – free health books
  33. Thank a bee! – beekeeping equipment, empty bee hive, honeycomb and little known facts about these marvelous creatures
  34. Tupperware Consultant – microsteamer and healthy meal options
  35. Whitefish Area Breastfeeding Coalition – benefits of breastfeeding, bottled water and resources
  36. Whitefish Dietetic Association – education by registered dieticians on label reading and portion control
  37. Whitefish Dietetic Association – what is healthy eating?
  38. Whitefish Dietetic Association – how to incorporate more vegetables into your meals, try turkey tacos
  39. Whitefish Public Library – examples of healthy cookbooks and food documentaries available for free check-out, fun kids activity

For questions, contact Tammi Krier or Shelley Rich.


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