National Donor’s Day

National Donor Day-Valentine’s Day

Looking for a new way to share love on Valentine’s Day? Every year February 14th is observed as National Donor’s Day. There’s no better way to spread love on this special holiday than by giving the gift of life by signing up to be a registered donor.


In 1998 the government established and began promoting American’s to sign up and become registered donors for tissue and organs. This nationally recognized day has increased the number of donors significantly, although there is still quite a gap in the number of people who donate as compared to the number of people who need organs or tissue.

Tissue Donation

Being a tissue donor has an extreme impact, and can improve and even save hundreds of lives from just one donor. Everyday, lives are changed when a person receives donated heart valves, ligaments, bones, corneas, tendons, or skin. These precious life-saving donations can help to rebuild joints including hips, knees, shoulders, ankles. They can also help to restore hearts, and give the gift of sight. These donations also improve the lives of people immensely restoring their quality of life.

In local communities all over the United States there are more than 100 accredited tissue banks.

Other Donating Options

Another great way to help celebrate National Donor Day is to donate blood. Millions of lives are saved every year from blood transfusions from donated blood. AB- is the rarest blood type and is referred to as the universal recipient. O- is referred to as the universal donor because it is compatible with all types of blood and is always greatly appreciated when donated.

How to learn donation locations-

1. Google searching for blood donation locations in your area should pull up places to donate in your area.
2. Asking your family physician, they should have information on a local donation site.
3. Blood Donation App

Celebrating National Donor Day is an amazing way to share your special light with the community, and give the gift of life to someone in need.


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