Should I Workout While I Am Sick?

working out while sick

Should I Workout or Exercise While I Am Sick?

The short answer is “yes’. If you have the general flu involving congestion, a runny or stuffy nose and headache.. then the chances are good that you should work out in the gym and get a good sweat on, even though you don’t feel like it. Lying in bed not moving and eating heavy comfort food meals like warm chili or dense soup are actually the opposite of what you should be doing if you have a congested cold.

The increased heart rate, movement and sweat help eliminate toxins from the body.  It is possible to get through a cold much faster through exercise than it is through lying in bed eating heavy food. There are numerous different reports about this online; some say working out won’t help heal faster and some say it will. Feel free to at least try it and decide for yourself.

Make sure to drink plenty of water.  Water is essential for your muscles and bones and organs to stay well lubricated and in top functioning order. Do not work out if you are dehydrated.

How Long Does It Take To Get Over A Cold?

The average cold lasts about 8 days in total, some get through it in 4, others in up to 10, even 12 days.

Many people, including patients here are Whitefish Family Doctor Family Medical have reported losing a cold in as much as 1-2 days from intense exercise and proper food combining for expelling toxins out of the body as quickly as possible.

How Can I Get Over A Cold Faster?

  • Keep Hydrated – about a gallon of water a day for an average adult, see How Much Water Should I Drink In A Day.
  • Hot Bath, Steam Or Sauna – Raising your body temperature while hydrated helps move blood along and helps the body to work faster
  • Drink Warm Liquids – Drinking warm liquids like tea, warm apple juice or even just warm water
  • Stay Well Ventilated – Stay in a place where there is good ventilation to the outside; do not stay in a closed room without ventilation

What Kind Of Workout Should You Do While Sick?

Walking uphill at 4.3 Miles Per Hour (MPH) at a 4-6% incline for 45 minutes a day is a really good starter for people who are wanting to help their body detox a cold. Just 45 minutes a day, at 4.3 MPH is enough to open up the pores in your skin and work up a nice sweat. Read more about this here.

Not only do you help your body heal faster, but you lose weight and the exercise helps clear your mind and helps develop better mental clarity throughout the day.

Working Up A Sweat Without Working Out

Using Saunas & Steam Rooms

Saunas and Steam Rooms are great ways to help with weight loss, burn extra calories and open up skin pores to allow toxins to escape the body. The skin is the largest organ of the body, opening up your pores using a Sauna is a very helpful way to start the day. There are different ways you can add this to your daily routine…

You can go to a gym like Genesis Health Club or even buy a portable Sauna that fits in your home in a small space. Here is a very popular home Sauna for under $150 bucks.



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