What Helps Heat Exhaustion

what helps heat exhaustion

What Helps Heat Exhaustion?

When heat exhaustion occurs, it means the body is losing its capacity to cool itself. Once the human body suffers as a result of excessive loss of water and salt, heat exhaustion becomes a possibility. It simply reveals that the body is getting too hot and requires cooling.

Heat exhaustion is an illness that comes with a wide range of mild symptoms like headache, cramps, to more austere symptoms that could endanger your  health. When left unattended or untreated, it can advance to heat stroke (a more life-threatening situation to be avoided at all cost).

Administering First Aid for Heat Exhaustion

The following can help relieve heat exhaustion:

Make sure  you you’re placed within a cool environment as they get to hydrate and allow their body temperature to adjust.  This can be achieved within several hours up to a complete day while indoor or in a cool space.

You can reduce your body temperature by applying cool compression to the back of the neck and wrists. Do this using a cool water-soaked cloth, or wrap an ice cube in a towel to apply to the skin.

Drink plenty of water as this will help replenish fluids and keep your body hydrated. Coconut water is also good. Raw coconut water may be the only thing equal to or better than water.

You can as well shower, or soak yourself in cool water as part of the overall cooling process. If you get worried, call your local doctor or family physician.

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At Whitefish Family Doctor we understand not every person or situation is the same, and what might work for one person might not be the best treatment for another. Here we treat patients like family.


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