How Do You Get Rid Of A Heat Rash

what is heat rash

How Do You Get Rid Of A Heat Rash?

Heat rash can affect anyone, from adult to even toddlers.  If you were sitting too close to a fire, or laying in bed too long or ill; using an electric blanket or a lot of blankets and bedding.. all of this can cause heat rash.

You can try out any of the following tips to get rid of heat rash.

Do your best to keep your skin cool by…

  • Wear loose clothing
  • Drink plenty of fluids (water & coconut water are best)
  • Use lightweight bedding
  • Cold bath or shower

This will help to keep your temperature cool and avoid heat rash, which is different than heat stroke.

If you have experienced intense heat, change out of sweaty or wet clothing. Don’t stay in the same sweaty clothes, keep changing into dry clothes when your clothes get too wet.

Heat Rash Can Also be Caused By Substances Applied To The Skin

Having heat rash often can be as a result of a substance that you apply on your skin; so you can avoid perfume and shower gel as much as possible once you start seeing the signs.

You can also apply something cold like a damp cloth to the region affected with heat rash to help reduce the symptoms.

Symptoms of heat rash can also be treated with over the counter creams & sprays. You can use antibiotics for sweat glands that have become infected, as prescribed by a physician.

Calamine lotion has also proven to be very helpful in handling heat rash; so consider this as well.

Prevention is however the better option to treat or get rid of heat rash. You can do so by avoiding exercising in hot, humid weather. Use more of air conditioned cool space. Bathing or showering frequently can help prevent sweat glands from getting clogged.


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