10 Fourth of July Safety Tips

Top 10 Ways To Stay Safe On The 4th Of July

It can easily be said that Fourth of July is America’s favorite holiday. Not only does it celebrate our independence, but it also gives us a chance to gather together, enjoy community events, and share food and fun with our families.

With this said it is important to remember to stay safe during this special holiday, and here are 10 tips to improve the safety of your family during this holiday.

  1. Use Sunscreen-People tend to spend quite a bit of time outside during the fourth of July festivities, probably more so than normal, so it is likely you will burn, due to over-exposure to UV rays. The sun’s ultraviolet rays can not only cause painful burns, but they also increase your chance for skin cancer and also advance the signs of aging.
  2. The Little Ones-During this family holiday it is important to remember the kiddos. Labeling your alcoholic beverages, having an adult man the grill, and keeping fireworks out of reach of small children is a great way to make your gathering kid friendly.
  3. “Bee” Aware-uncovered food typically attracts insects. If you keep it covered you can reduce the amount of pesky critters that want to attend your picnic. Having bug spray available and citronella candles in use is a good start. Also give a friendly reminder to those who are allergic to bees to bring their epipen so reduce the chance of danger caused by a sting.
  4. Fireworks-At-home fireworks are a lot of fun, but they can be dangerous too. Opting to attend a fireworks show can make your holiday safer. If you are going to be shooting off your own fireworks be sure that the children are supervised by an adult, no fireworks are pointed at people, and that it is best to light fireworks on the ground Not in hand.
  5. Boating-The most popular holiday for boating is the Fourth of July. Watching fireworks on the water can be beautiful. Remember not to consume alcohol when driving a vehicle, and be sure to have life jackets for all people who will be on board.
  6. Taking a Swim-While this is a very nice activity to enjoy on a hot day, it is important to do so safely. Do not swim alone whether in a pool or the ocean, have a designated person attending to the kids so that they are well supervised and there isn’t confusion over who is watching them, never swim after you have been drinking.
  7. Grills-This delicious option for cooking not only keeps the house cool, but adds a little excitement to making food. It is also an easy way to get a burn. Be sure to check for gas leaks if you have a propane grill, let the kids know that the grilling area is a “No-Go-Zone”, and be sure someone is always manning the grill.
  8. Food-picnics are always a relaxing way to spend the fourth of July, but it is important to remember food safety. Items that need to be refrigerated should not be in the sun for longer than 2 hours. Some items displayed in the shade or on a counter in an air conditioned home can be safe for up to 4 hours, but then need to be tossed.
  9. Adult Beverages-alcohol can be a nice addition to your family gathering, as long as you remember to have a designated driver assigned before the fun begins. Be sure the person who will be mastering the fireworks display is sober. This will reduce the chance of accidents.
  10. Medications-whether you are taking allergy medicine, or an antibiotic it is important to know the risks of your medication. Some prescriptions can make a person more susceptible to sunburns, and others may not mix well with alcohol. If you are unsure of your medications side effects, check with your pharmacist.

Enjoy your Fourth of July fun, and remember to keep your family safe.


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