Bed Bugs

Can Bed Bug Bites Make You Sick Enough To Need A Doctor?

Can bed bugs make you sick enough to have to see a doctor? Don’t they spread disease and sickness? It’s the same in Whitefish as it is in any city. Bed bugs love places with a lot of people.

Bed bugs are parasites and do happen to live off of eating on other living beings. Outside of being itchy and scratchy, they are not known to be a health hazard. In rare cases there may be so many bites on a child, like a small infant.. that the infant loses enough blood they need to see a family physician or local doctor.

They can spread fast though, and can hide in small spaces and can go from wall to wall quickly. See how bed bugs can spread.

There has not been a recorded case of blood borne illness spreading from one person to another yet, but it doesn’t hurt to be careful and call a bed bug specialist right away.


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