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Neck Pain Doctor In Whitefish, MT

Looking for a good doctor for neck pain in Whitefish, MT?  You might think you need a Chiropractor, but what you really might need instead is an Osteopath Doctor who is skilled in musculoskeletal issues, like neck pain. See the difference.

Osteopaths treat the whole body…. Medical Doctors and old fashioned chiropractor techniques just treat the symptoms and only does adjustments which may help that particular area. For Osteopaths, the combination of knowing the anatomy, physiology and chemistry of the whole body gives the Osteopath the advantage to diagnose and treat the patient in a more effective manner.

The combination of manipulation, pharmaceuticals and surgery helps get patients whole body to a healthier state. Other practitioners, such as Chiropractors, are unable to do this.

When To See A Doctor For Neck Pain

Our Doctor has been a doctor for over 20 years here in Whitefish. He has seen many cases of bad neck pain that have been resolved through Osteopathic Manipulation. See what the difference between a DO and an MD.

  • If the pain is still there after a few weeks after it starts
  • Gets worse after you tried to do home treatment or fix it yourself
  • If you have tingles, numbness or bad headaches (despite drinking a lot of water)
  • You can feel it all the way down your back, legs or even arms

What Causes Neck Pain?

It can come from things like..

  • Sleeping in an awkward position
  • Prolonged use of a computer
  • From bad posture
  • Stress
  • Whiplash
  • Pinched Nerve

Perhaps you are doing all of those things. If you have bad pain in your neck and it’s only been about a week, try sleeping differently, use a better pillow, make sure you have good posture while using a computer and stand up straight when walking. Stress and anxiety can also cause bad neck pain by causing tension, which tightens the muscles.

If the pain doesn’t improve after home remedies, you may want to see a doctor.  If painkillers aren’t enough to make it subside you may also want to see a doctor.

Call Dr Timothy Wolff In Whitefish, MT If You Think You Might Need To See A Doctor


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