What Is A Family Physician?

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What Is A Family Physician?

A family physician or family doctor provides healthcare for people of all ages, usually referred to as a general physician. Family doctors are more holistic in their approach with medicine and treating people, which usually involves whole families and especially children.

Family Physicians are usually more active in the community and are more likely to help with ‘prevention’ of disease and illness as well as ‘treatment’.

Family doctors are like a gateway to specialist doctors and may save you money and time by going to them before going to a specialist.

At Whitefish Family Doctor in Whitefish, MT, we have an Osteopathic Family Doctor

Thomas J. Kane offers a special hands-on approach to patient care and does Osteopathic Manipulative Treatment (OMT), read about the difference here. He believes that all parts of the body work together; looking at the patient as a whole to reach a diagnosis rather than just treating the symptoms.

What Is The Difference Between A Normal Family  & Osteopathic Physician?

Through Osteopathic Manipulative Treatment, or OMT, DOs use their hands to diagnose illness and injury and encourage your body’s natural tendency toward self-healing.

In Short: Osteopathic education places a greater emphasis on the importance of holistic care, which highlights the value of getting to know patients as people and carefully considering the value of preventive care and patient education.



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