Can Kidney Stones Cause Bleeding

Can Kidney Stones Cause Bleeding

Kidney stones can cause bleeding through the urinary passage. So when you pee (urinate) if there is blood it may be due to a kidney stone. Many people who have kidney stones end up seeing blood in their urine. If there is pain associated with the bleeding, it is likely a kidney stone. If there is no pain, it may be bladder cancer.

The blood can be there one day, and absent a few days later making a person think it has cleared, and then show up again days or weeks later. The only way to know for sure is to get tested by a family doctor.

How Are Kidney Stones Diagnosed?

Kidney stones are diagnosed by a variety of different methods from different doctors, depending on symptoms described by the patient. here are a few…

  • Blood Tests – Too much calcium and uric acid can be detected in the blood, helping to develop a diagnosis
  • Urine Tests – A strainer used during urination may be used to catch mineral and calcium deposits
  • Images Tests – X-Rays can detect larger stones, although smaller stones may not be detected

View when you should see a doctor for a kidney stone.

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At Whitefish Family Doctor we believe in treating the whole person, if you think you may have the symptoms of a kidney stone or are having trouble sitting down, lying down or are urinating blood, please contact us.


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