Overeating During The Holidays

holiday eating

Overeating During The Holidays

Here are some tips regarding overeating during the holidays…

  1. Small Snack – Have a small snack before you to go each party – it may curb the desire to eat everything all at once right off the bat 😉
  2. Alcohol – Be careful how much you drink, the calories in alcohol are heavy
  3. Stay Hydrated – Water helps your body process and digest food, move blood and be alert; the average person should be drinking about a gallon of water per day
  4. Quality Food – Quality over quantity; whole, organic healthy foods over heavy processed cheap foods help
  5. Less Ingredients – Our bodies digest food better the less ingredients there are to digest, usually a good rule of thumb is food that has less than 5 ingredients (though that is hard around the Holidays) but good to keep in mind
  6. Veggies – Try to eat the veggies first; for example you have a plate of cherry pie, mashed potatoes and cream corn and broccoli – eat the broccoli first, the calories will help fill you up first on healthy food so you have less desire to stuff yourself with the more fun foods 😉
  7. Chew Your Food – Don’t forget to chew up your food and not just inhale it – The average person should chew their food about 19 times before swallowing but it’s actually more like 4-7. Remember to chew up your food.
  8. Small Exercise – Do small exercises, even if it’s just pretend jump rope in place for 1-5 minutes; or just take a walk around the block

Losing Weight After The Holidays

How To Lose Weight Really Fast – Supplements, Diet & Exercise

You can actually lose a lot of weight in just two weeks to a month.

The National Institutes of Health (NIH) say that a healthy goal of losing up to 2 pounds a week is good. However with the right supplementation, diet and exercise, there have been people who have reported weight loss in two week as much as 10 pounds. Check out this article on How To Lose Weight Fast.

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