The Financial Side Of Why You Should Quit Smoking

why you should quit smoking

Why You Should Quit Smoking

We don’t need to tell you smoking cigarettes is bad or that it leads to cancer and other health related problems, because you already know.  For someone who smokes, simply telling that it’s ‘bad for them’ isn’t enough.  What does work though, is financial pain and suffering.  So we are going to show you just how bad it is.

A report from CNN Money stated that Americans spend around…

  • $80 billion dollars on cigarettes per year total.
  • About $70 per week for an individual average smoker
  • About $280 per month for an individual average smoker

That is $3,360 per year.

Statistics On The Financials Of Smoking

Let’s look at some more statistics…

Cost Of Smoking In Years What You Could Have Bought
Year 1 – $3,360 A Savings Bond or Retirement Plan Initial Installment
Year 5 – $16,800 Down Payment On A Home + Decorating Money
Year 10 – $33,300 Your Child’s Tuition For College + A Car
Year 20 – $67,200 Half, some or maybe even all of your mortgage for your home.

Some parents have literally given up their homes, their child’s tuition money, cars and their livelihood, along with their health and well being.. for cigarettes.

Investing Your Smoking Money Into A Retirement or Savings Account

Look at how much just putting that first year of cigarette smoking into a retirement account at a 5% return would have done over 20 years.

quitting smoking

If you started smoking at 18 years old, instead of smoking you could have put the money in a retirement or savings plan at a conservative 5% interest rate and open it up to have $146,403 at the age of 28.  That’s enough to buy a decent home and a car and take a vacation if you live in Whitefish, MT. (provided by Dave Ramsey retirement calculator)

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