Family Medicine Doctor

What is a Family Medicine Doctor?

Family medicine is one of the three types of primary care specialties. It focuses on creating a long lasting relationship between the doctor and the patient.

Family medical professionals have the pleasure of studying several different specialties, so that they can incorporate all facets of the patients health into their practice.

This makes them the most well rounded in knowledge of physicians because of the in-depth training that they receive in many different areas of the body, studying every organ, every phase of life, and many ailments that could occur at any stage in a person’s life.

Their education consists of learning about all types of care beginning with the very beginning of life, prenatal care, which they study in obstetrics and gynecology.

Full Range Of Internal Medicine Practices

After that, Family Medicine Doctors move onto pediatrics, caring for the baby when first born and continuing on up into puberty. Then onto adulthood where Internal Medicine is used in preventative measures, diagnostic services, and in treating disorders that are relevant to adults. Psychiatry and neurology as well as community medicine and even surgery are incorporated into the all inclusive curriculum that it takes to become a family medical practice physician.

Family Physicians are probably the most significant type of doctor, because they provide the most needed services to their patients. They are at the core of the medical field offering things like screening and immunization, regular checkups, counseling which is personalized to each individual patient promoting a healthy lifestyle, running assessments that show the risks in a patients life and offering solutions, they even go so far as to help each individual patient in managing any long term issues including chronic illness. Because of their importance in the medical profession, it is disheartening that there is currently a serious deficiency in the number of doctors specializing in family medicine.

It has been reported by the National Residency Matching Program that the applicants wishing to study family medicine during their residency has dropped significantly.  By 2020 there will be a true shortage of family physicians.

Finding a Family Medical Physician

Here at Whitefish Family Doctor, we have a very family friendly staff who would love to aid you in all facets and stages of your life, getting to know you personally and offering individualized care for you and each member of your family. Give us a call and let us be your answer to this shortage in family physicians that is stretching across the nation, and we will fill that place in your life and in your heart.

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