What Is The Proper Way To Brush Your Teeth?

proper way to brush your teeth

What Is The Proper Way To Brush Your Teeth?

Frequency is not always best. Gum disease and tooth decay happen due to a buildup of debris and plaque along the gumline of your teeth. Whether you are using a brush, revolving or vibrating toothbrush, it’s the same technique that will get the bulk of the debris from your teeth and gum lines.

It’s All About The Angle

Angle your toothbrush so that it is going into the gum line diagonally.  It’s ok to press a little harder use a medium level amount of pressure and spend real time brushing INTO the gumline. Most people who do brush will do it quickly and keep the brush flat against the sides of the teeth, this doesn’t get into the crevices where the bacteria and plaque usually buildup.

Flossing is a huge help. You can floss on a medium-hard level and go up and down along the tooth crevices, even down to the gumline. See what happens if my gums are bleeding when flossing?

How much time should you spend brushing your teeth?

Most people spend about 10-15 seconds brushing their teeth. Most dentists will tell you to spend at least 2 minutes brushing your teeth. Since most people don’t have the patience to spend 2 whole minutes brushing, try raising it to 30 seconds and use the angle technique at medium pressure, not too hard and not too soft.

Brush The Inside Of Your Teeth Too

Most people who brush their teeth only brush the outside area, and do it quickly, 10-15 seconds or less. Make sure to brush the inside area of the top and bottom of your teeth as well, this part is often neglected in brushing, and is more likely to develop a decaying area.


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