Weight Loss For Women

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Real Weight Loss For Women Takes Time

Whatever sort of exercise and nutrition plans you opt for, don’t become discouraged if the pounds don’t fall off right away.  Going for more slow, safer fat reduction also means that you will be more likely to keep off fat. Women that pick up fad diets are more prone to gaining the fat back before too long.

Fat To Muscle Myth

The “I’ve been working out this month and feel like I weigh less but the scale hasn’t moved so I must have lost fat and gained muscle’, myth. The truth: Fat does not ‘turn into’ muscle. Muscle gets bigger from putting tension on it and then the muscle tears and heals and becomes stronger, such as in weight lifting.  Muscle strengthens from repetitive action, such as dancing.

Truth About Muscle Gain

Natural muscle gain occurs very slowly, even if you were working out very hard in the gym with weight lifting and strength conditioning each month, a normal person could expect to gain 1/2 a pound of muscle or less. A real body building woman on a regular routine may expect up to 1lb per month.

Truth About Fat Loss

An average person sticking routinely to a good diet and exercise plan, along with potential medication for weight loss, can expect to lose about 1lb of fat every 3 days, or about 10lbs per month. Water weight can initially feel like a lot of actual weight, which is nice when starting a program, but real hard fat takes a while to lose.

Finding A Workout & Weight Loss Partner

Your physician can be your guide, but having a workout partner really helps your chances of getting up and going to the gym or sharing your thoughts and challenges with at the end or the beginning of your day.

The Osteopathic Difference For Women’s Weight Loss

Osteopaths treat a wide assortment of conditions, each that can help you on your way to shedding weight. People are beings that are holistic, and frequently we forget that every part of the body and its health is connected to anything else. When we discuss well-being, we mean the way the human body can regulate and self-preserve. When this self-caring-system is disturbed, the result can be injury, sickness or an ailment and disorder, and these can cause untold difficulties.

An osteopath will be able to identify underlying issues that allow women to beat causes for weight gain naturally, and may be affecting your efforts.

Other issues that can be treated which cause weight gain conditions may include symptoms or issues such as…

  • Arthritis
  • Asthma
  • Pain
  • Headaches
  • Persistent Tiredness
  • Diet Issues
  • Sporting Injuries
  • Migraines
  • Digestive Difficulties

Outside of proper eating habit and exercise, there’s no single method to slim down that works for everyone. Yet studies have revealed that those who increase their physical activity and make long-term changes to their own eating habits are more effective at slimming down and maintaining it than individuals who use a fix-it-quick solution.

So, What Is The Best Way For A Woman To Lose Weight?

Come see Our Doctor at Whitefish Family Doctor in North Whitefish, MT. We can offer advice, treatment options that come with prescribed weight loss medication and check out other factors that may be contributing to your weight gain without your knowledge.


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