How Long You Should Keep Sperm Inside to Get Pregnant

how long to keep sperm in for pregnancy

How Long You Should Keep Sperm Inside to Get Pregnant

Trying to conceive is not as easy as many people portray it to be. There are various factors in play besides just having sex. The underlying factor is that you cannot get pregnant unless a sperm fertilizes an egg produced by the ovary. The process of fertilization happens in the fallopian tube. Sometimes you can be having plenty of sex but you are not conceiving.

It may because the sperm is not staying long enough in your body to help you get pregnant.

Talking about the sperm, there are a lot of factors that determine how long the sperm stays in your body.

  1. Sperm Count

This is defined as actual number of sperms in a given sample which is usually about 40 million in a semen sample.

  1. Sperm Motility

This is the forward swimming motion that is exhibited by each sperm. It is unique from every sperm. In order for a sperm to be motile, it must be able to metabolize energy and swim to the ovum

  1. Sperm Morphology

This defines the shape and physiological structure of the sperm. The sperm should have long tails and oval-shaped heads.

  1. Longevity of the sperm
  2. The internal metabolic ability of the sperm
  3. The environment of the vagina

This includes the body temperature, pH levels and relative acidity.

  1. The Presence & Quality of Cervical Mucus

The fertile-quality and presence of cervical mucus enables the sperm to reach the cervix and the womb where its lifespan can be increased. Therefore, the quantity and quality of cervical mucus is important in determining how long you should keep sperm in your body in order to get pregnant.

  1. The ability of the sperm to leave the vagina & get into the womb

The sperm has to move from vagina and into the uterus and through the cervix. If the sperm cannot make this journey in a few hours, then it will most likely end up dead.

  1. The presence of sperm antagonists

Sperm antagonists are like immunity securing white blood cells.

In the most ideal conditions, a sperm can survive between six and seven days. The ideal conditions include ideal vaginal and uterine environments, a fertile cervical mucus, strong sperm health and all the factors that have been mentioned above.

This means that you need to keep the sperm in your body for this period of between six to seven days. You realize that this time period is typically a quarter of the menstrual cycle. As a result, you have an extended window of fertility before ovulation.

Unfortunately, there are many cases where the realistic factors decrease sperm longevity or hinder the movement of the sperm. So on average, the sperm can survive a day or two and may be some additional days if the conditions are at optimum level.

As every day passes by, the number of sperms dying increases. Therefore, you need to keep introducing sperm to your vagina to increase your chances of conception.

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