Why You Need a Family Doctor

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Why You Need a Family Doctor

There are several reasons why everyone requires the services of a family doctor!

When you have medical need for issues relating to sudden back pain, flus, unexpected attack; your first point of contact should be someone you can rely on for sound advice and treatment. This is where a family physician can be the perfect answer for most of your healthcare conditions.

Below are just a few of the benefits why you need a family doctor:

They follow your life cycle

You family doctor is likely same person that must have been treating you and your loved ones since you were teens; and they will be there to treat you even in old age. Family doctors see some of their patients for years or even decades. And since they treat a wide range of health issues, they can be your primary care doctor at any point in your life.

You need a doctor that can understand you well and family doctors can best fill in the gap in this regards.

Family doctors understand your history

Since such doctors have been treating you for years, they know your medical history very well – inside and out. With such knowledge, they are able to provide accurate analyses, understand red flags when it comes to medications and also be able to monitor changes in your health all through years. Family physicians can help record correct and in-depth family health history. They know your family health matters very well. For instance, if the doctor knows that you had cancer at a tender age, just as your mother, it would be a red flag, and such would help him counsel & provide screening plans for other members of the family at risk.

They treat more than you think

They help provide monthly/annual check-ups, manage chronic conditions like arthritis, heart disease, diabetes among others, and also treat infections and injuries. They take care of pregnancy and child delivery; perform surgical procedures, and much more than you think.

Family doctors simply help improve lives, and also help you save money

Why Use A DO Doctor Over An MD Doctor?

 A normal Doctor of Medicine is just that, a doctor that prescribes medicine to treat injury and illness in order to eliminate symptoms. An Osteopathic Doctor is trained to treat the whole person, and attempt to identify and heal illness at it’s source, not just treating the symptoms with medication.


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